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Tallahassee Baby

for busy mamas from start to finish, every detail is taken care of. 

From the moment you found out you were pregnant, you've fallen in love and you've entered a roller coaster of time accelerating. Within 2 weeks of birth, you start to notice your child is changing every day. Each stage is precious and you want to hold onto everything. 

At Coley K Photography, we help you celebrate the little years, bottle them up and treasure them forever in albums and in frames. 


Let's get into it.

My Approach

Excellent Service   |   Timeless Imagery   |   Joyful Memories

If you want everything taken care of for you. This is the experience for you. Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup, Beautiful Imagery, Laid Back Atmosphere, Intentional Direction, Quality Heirlooms. 

Signature session

  • Wardrobe and Pre-Session Planning
  • Complimentary Hair and Makeup
  • Full Session with Coley
  • In Person Design and Ordering Appointment to finalize your Artwork
  • Digital Files are not included in Session Fee

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Little did Coley know, my one year old and I both bawled our eyes out on the way to the shoot from a tough and stressful day. I was sure it would be a bust but we went anyways.
Once we got there and met Coley, I felt right at ease and we had such a wonderful experience! Instead of remembering that day as a disaster when I look at those photos, I remember my sweet family and our baby as a soon-to-be big brother. I am in videography and photography myself, so lighting and editing are very important to me.
I was so happy with the way our gallery turned out and it was so worth the money to have a hands-off experience. I will use Coley again for every baby and family milestone."











We will plan and style your session together. I've created a wardrobe that includes dresses for moms, outfits for kids and shirts for dads. We are all about taking the stress out of your experience.  

I've coordinated to have the best hair and makeup artists prep you for your session. You don't need to be doing work trying to figure this out on the day of your portraits. You're taken care of. 

Don't worry about wild kids or everyone not acting perfectly. I've seen it all and am impossible to frazzle. We'll have a great time and you'll get the photos you've dreamed of. 

We will not neglect the most important part of your portraits! The time and money invested in the session deserve more than sitting on a hard drive somewhere.  We will sit down together and decide how you will preserve your portraits for future generations. How will these pictures be enjoyed? Do you want a statement piece? Album? A starter gallery wall? You don't have to figure it out on your own. I will do it all for you.

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It took so much of the stress of planning and coordinating off my shoulders. We were able to just show up and have fun! Coley was great with my one year old son, she had so many tricks to get him to smile at the camera. She gave us suggestions of poses and things to do but none of it was forced or posey. We are so grateful to her for the memories she captured so beautifully! One hundred percent recommend!!