In Memory of Terence Charles Blackall

  1. Jo Ann Smidley says:

    Terry was a gem. He made each person feel that they were dearly loved and valued by him, and that is a great gift. It was a precious thing to be his neighbor, and it was always a joy to see him and get a hug at Publix.
    Terry loved you all so very much, and was so proud of each of you. I know you will miss him greatly, and I am so very glad you have so many precious memories.

  2. Des Ryan says:

    Hi Nicole, that was a beautiful tribute. My name is Des Ryan and I loved Terry too. He was my uncle. My mum Anastasia Judge is Gina’s sister. Many happy summers were spent in 66 Stoneyfields lane in London with the family. Terry and Gina looked after us like royalty. Gary rang my mother today with the bad news. My own dad died in a February last so my mother is the last of those 4 good friends left. This is my wife Annette’s Facebook page. I’m not on Facebook. My 2 sons would be your second cousins here in Drogheda in Ireland. Thanks again for the memories of that lovely man, Des.

  3. Martina (Ryan) Ennis says:

    Hi Nicole, I’m so sorry for your loss. My name is Martina Ryan and like my brother Des has said,Terry was our Uncle. It was lovely to see all those beautiful pictures of him and to know he was so happy in his later years. I remember how proud and happy himself and Gina were when you and your sister Hayley came along. I also remember Terry proudly showing us around his garden in London showing that apple tree and explaining to us what a runner bean was. Thanks for the lovely memories and fitting tribute to a wonderful man. Martina.

  4. charles castle says:

    Hi Guy..
    You will not know me, but Terry; who I last saw some 60 years ago at a “Forresters Wrestling Club” reunion at the “Askew Arms” off the Fulham Rd, London years later.
    I am sure you must know but he did become the London Champion in I believe the welterweight division, on second thoughts it could have been as a lightweight. He was working at the time in North Kensington as a panel
    beater doing car repairs. I hope this helps and it arrives. Please E/mail if I can be of help with the dim and hidden past.
    One of Terry’s OLD training partners and WAS Club Sec,
    John Castle

    • Nicole Klaers says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to write me. I’d love to hear more stories. He was very proud of his flat wrestling ears.

  5. Martin Blackall says:

    Dear Nicole,
    Just saw your lovely Photos and Story on your beloved Grandfather; Terrence Blackall.
    I think My Grandfather was his half Brother!
    My Grandfather Arthur Frederick Blackall was the first child of Arthur Charles Blackall, born 1889 in Reading and died in Paddington in 1970 .
    In 1920 he married Ethel Hannaford, with whom he had 10 children, Terrence being born in Cairo ?
    Arthur Charles Blackall was a Soldier in the Royal Artillery .
    Does this sound familiar ?

    • Nicole Klaers says:

      Thank you Martin! I think you’re absolutely right. I have a photo of his parent’s grave which I believe is in Kensington Cemetary where they laid my grandfather’s ashes. It says “Arthur Blackall Age 11 (which was my grandfather’s younger brother who died on a bicycle) Arthur C Blackall 10.4.1889 Ethel Blackall Died 3rd April 1985.” Terrence was born in Burma but his eldest brother died age 1 and was named Terrence.

      • Martin Blackall says:

        Dear Nicole,
        My Grandfather actually bred Greyhounds ! And some were called Muff !
        Did They know each other?
        I am keen for any information about Arthur Charles Blackall and would love to see the Photo.
        Kensington does not have a cemetery though so it’s more likely Kensal Green Cemetery or the Kensington and Chelsea cemetery which is actually near Ealing .
        Maybe I could find You on Facebook?
        Kind regards,

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