February 8, 2018

Franny’s Farm is Renovated! | Asheville Wedding Venue | Coley K Photography

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I had the absolute joy and pleasure of meeting Franny from Franny’s farm. She showed me around, introduced me to some chickens and sheep and talked with me about her recent renovations!

“We purchased a new farmhouse. We made the top into an apartment that has become part of our lodging package. Its a 2 bedroom 1 bath. Super Cute. So what that did, was enabled us to move our workshop into the new farmhouse. We turned our old workshop into a bar. We removed the old bar our of the event space and created a new bar. This really opened it up a lot more dancing and fun and shenanigans.

We also had huge barn doors that opened up. They were 10 x 10. It didn’t allow for the best controlled environment. We just put in glass french doors! It lets light in and also helps us control the environment for all sorts of weather and allows us to open up the event space for a lot move corporate events and workshops.

When people want a farm wedding, they want the outdoor experience. There is a big event tent with tables and that is usually where dining is done. That is when people are spending the most amount of time outside. Around that time of the night its beautiful outside. The barn is used for dancing, cake, its the bar area. Generally the DJ will set up in the barn and will set up speakers that go outside towards the firepit and tent and then also inside. Everything is designed to be a hug. Within an area of 50 feet, you’ve got an outdoor covered area under the tent, you’ve got a firepit, you have cornhole, tetherball, all the mini goats (for entertainment), big slides, the pond. Its all within 100 feet of the barn. You’ve got all these experiences people are looking for at a farm really close.

Not to mention lodging. The upstairs of the event center has a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom barnhouse which is off the hook custom with a bright red kitchen, viking appliances, a big open area that overlooks EVERYTHING. Its a perfect place for couples to get ready before the wedding. And instead of having to race out afterwords, or by 9 o clock after you’ve cut the cake, you’ve got a whole team of people racing you out the door, you have that flexibility where our event staff gets everything packed up and cleaned up but you don’t have to head out until the next morning.

A huge thing now is what we like to tag festival weddings, where people rent the whole farm for the whole weekend. So that barn space is so convertible that people are doing rehearsal dinners there. Starting with casual country boils and pizzas or cooking out by the fire and then transforming it for Saturday and setting it up for a more rustic chic fancy for the actual wedding.”

I had so much fun at Franny’s Farm and can’t wait to return!

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